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Arista Aviation is continuously advancing its capabilities in the rotorcraft industry and and our reputation continues to grow in the government, military, and private sectors. We have been honored with a number of contracts both domestic and international as we strive to provide superior and affordable services globally.


Arista currently has a five year IDIQ contract to perform UH-1 Programmed Depot Maintenance (PDM) by the U.S. Department of State, Office of Aviation. This is a follow on contract, and Arista Aviation is the current incumbent.

This contract allows for recurring Aircraft Condition Inspections (ACIs), aircraft modifications, corrosion identification, removal, treatment, and repair, component and accessory overhaul, and refurbishment of the DoS UH-1 aircraft fleet.

Arista has multiple contracts with the US Air Force to provide support for rotary wing platforms.

  1. TH-1H Programed Depot Level Maintenance (PDM)
    Arista provides Depot Level Maintenance (PDM) for the TH-1H model aircraft. This is a 5 year contract through 2024 with the primary purpose to accomplish PDM, aircraft structural inspections and repairs concurrent with zonal inspections and repairs at a depth and skill level greater than that available at organizational and intermediate (O&I) maintenance levels.
  2. UH-1N Dynamic Components Overhaul
    Arista overhauls unserviceable assets including: Main Rotor Hub Assembly, Swashplate and Support Assembly, and Scissors and Sleeve Assembly. Arista tests components in accordance with the applicable technical guidance for each asset. This is a 5 year contract through 2025 with the primary purpose to ensure all components in this effort which require overhaul are documented and the time since overhaul data is set to zero. Additionally, Arista tracks and resolves items affected by Product Quality Deficiency Reports (PQDR), performs depot level overhaul, functional testing, inspection, and packaging.
  3. UH-1N Transmission Overhaul
    Arista provides services required to overhaul the UH-1N Transmission. This is a 5 year contract through 2025 with the primary purpose to provide incoming functional testing, inspection and overhaul actions required to return transmissions to a serviceable condition. This includes but is not limited to fault isolation, overhaul unserviceable assets to bring them into serviceable condition, and test after overhaul, all in accordance with the applicable technical guidance for the transmission.